Christos Chrissopoulos: Look Twenty – The world left behind

«When I walk in Athens, I often have the impression that I have been left behind. As if the city had been abandoned. Sometimes I feel that everyone ‘s gone just a moment ago».

[The world left behind, 20 photographs and cover photograph. Shot in Athens, 2014. Original music by Thierry Jolif].

LOOK TWENTY is a photographic work-in-progress. Its main goal is the creation of a critical, yet introversive, form of visual narrative. Throughout the project, writer and photographer Christos Chrissopoulos uses the exact number of twenty photographs projected at equal intervals, thus creating short “films” of about 8-10 minutes duration. The result is an enchanting environment of still images depicting the psychological state and the unique nature of our shared reality. Objects are transformed into autonomous entities having their own “voice”. LOOK TWENTY is based on a purposeful conjuncture of photography and the web, and for that reason, it is envisioned as a place of dialogue between the work of art and its recipients. LOOK TWENTY will be updated regularly, until it reaches its final form of 20 individual “films”.

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